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Welcome to the UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre
CDM/JI Pipeline Analysis and Database

The UNEP-CCC Pipelines have been updated at  ,, and at

We have now again calculated the issuance potential for the CDM and PoA projects that can be transferred to article 6:

These CDM and PoA projects have from 2013 until now issued 562MCERs. The Article 6 ready projects can until the end of 2025 at maximum issue 1515 MCERs.

All CDM and PoA projects can until 2025 at maximum issue about 22289 MCERs.

We have summarized the results in the following tables:

Number At Validation Art6 ready Art6 ready with issuance Total
CDM 551 690 161 1241
PoA 136 142 34 278
Total 687 832 195 1519
MCERs now At Validation Art6 ready Art6 ready with issuance
CDM     40
PoA     22
Total     62
2025 MCERs At Validation Art6 ready Art6 ready with issuance Total
CDM 1085 707 244 1792
PoA 36 462 244 497
Total 1121 1168 488 2289

We have included all historic projects in the pipelines.

CDM news:

It was agreed that CERs issued from CDM projects registered on or after 1 January 2013 can be used towards achievements of the first NDC. tCERs and lCERs from forestry cannot be transferred, so forestry projects cannot be transferred.

In the CDMpipeline we have now used these rules to paint all Registered Article6 ready projects green. All the registered non-article6 ready CDMprojects are yellow. All white projects at validation can still be transferred.

After this decision the number of projects in the CDMPipeline was reduced from 7857 to 1241. Of these 690 were registered and 161 of these have issuances, none had requested registration and 551 were at validation.

The issuance from this reduced number of registered projects was 40 MtCO2.

In December, no new CDM Projects were submitted.

The article 6 ready CDM project that have issuance now will only be able to issue 244 MCERs from 2013 until the end of 2025. Until end of 2025 all the registered Article 6 ready CDM project can issue 707 MCERs and the CDM projects under validation 1085 MCERs - a total of 1792 MCERs.

There is still a long way to reach this issuance value.

PoA news:

No new PoAs were submitted.

PoA 10517 Programme for development of Biomass Industrial Thermal Heat Generation Supported by the Republic of Korea got 1 new CPA.

All PoAs registered before 1 January 2013 are still included in the Pipeline but are not Article 6 ready. Only the 142 green Article 6 ready PoAs and the 136 PoAs at validation can continue.

In total 2915 CPAs exist hosted by 57 countries.

The total issuance from the 34 Article 6 ready PoAs with issuance is now 22 MCERs.

The PoAs that have issuance now will only be able to issue 244 MCERs from 2013 until the end of 2025.

Until end of 2025 all the registered Article 6 ready PoAs can issue 462 MCERs and the PoAs under validation 36 MCERs - a total of 497 MCERs.


This Pipeline now contains information about 50 Pilot activities, which have started experimenting with the creation of the new carbon market under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

These activities are funded by Canada, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, NEFCO, ADB, AfDB, and the World Bank.

We will continue to expand this Pipeline as the rules for the new carbon market under Article 6 develops.

NAMApipeline news: see

The UNFCCC NAMA Registry can be accessed by the public at the webpage:

In October no new NAMAs were submitted.

The total number of NAMAs is 194 (2 NAMAs were withdrawn, and 2 was resubmitted).

The total support offered is 164 MUS$ only 1.1% of the total support requested of 14777 MUS$, and the total cost for the NAMAs is 71114 MUS$.

NDC & PledgePipeline news:

Available at: Transport Sector NAMApledge-pipeline

Our Pledgepipeline includes the Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs/NDCs) that are submitted to the UNFCCC.

Now 161 Parties (189 countries) responsible to 96.9% of the total GHG emissions have ratified the Paris Agreement.

98 Countries have promised to be at Net Zero GHG emissions in 2050.

At this site you can also find our CitiesAndRegionsPipeline, which in addition to the country pledges contain 284 pledges from regions and 1991 pledges from cities.

Non-state actor news:

Our Climate Initiatives Platform (CIP) at now contains 281 International Cooperative Initiatives (ICIs) and CIP is a data provider to the UNFCCC NAZCA platform, the Non-state Actor Zone for Climate Action. All the ICIs in CIP that are alive will now be reported in NAZCA.

We have added 1 new cooperate initiative: Clean Air Fund

The CIP web-site includes a complete impact-monitoring framework for measuring progress of the initiatives: You can choose between 5 different monitoring Functions, for each Function a number of Activities, and for each Activity a time series for the Indicator.

If you are in a secretariat/focal point for an ICI, you can register and be upgraded to a user, where you can get a password to update the information about your ICI.

Joergen Fenhann

UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre

UN City in Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone: (+45) 22 95 51 13


If you have comments or questions please contact:

   +45 40 20 27 89


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