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1. August 2018

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CDM project distribution within host countries by region and type

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CDM projects by host region

Since it is not possible to view the big tables in the full Pipeline with information about all host countries you will here find information on the number of projects and the expected CERs for the world regions and the most active countries.

All CDM Projects
CDM projects in Asia
Volume of CERs in Asia
CDM projects in Latin America
Volume of CERs in Latin America
Projects in Africa
Total in the CDM
All CDM Projects in the Pipeline in Brazil + Mexico + India + China as a fraction of all projects
If you want detailed information on the project development for a special country please look into the full pipeline. The detailed tables are too large to be presented in this newsletter.

The information on this page shows that a few country host most of the CDM projects:

The fraction hosted by India, China, Brazil and Mexico rose from 50% in the start to 85% in mid 2006, and since more and more countries are active it has fallen to 60%-70% in the last quarters of 2012 was up again.


Number of CDM projects in Asia by country


Volume of CERs  for CP2 until 2020 in Asia by country
India and China host most of the projects in Asia, but most CERs is expected from China.


Number of CDM projects in Latin America by country


Volume of CERs for CP2 until 2020 in Latin America by country
In Latin America Brazil and Mexico are the most active.


Projects in Africa
Africa now hosts 247 projects (this do not include the PoAs).


Regional distribution of CDM projects
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This table shows that some regions are behind: Latin America and Asia & Pacific host 95% of the projects.