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1. November 2022

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This page contains information of the growth over time of the expected CERs, analysis of the CERs issued, issuance success, and buyers of projects.

Expected growth of 2020 CERs
CDM projects with CERs issued
Top countries by issued CERs
Buyer countries
Authorized buyers
   issuance over time
Growth of total expected accumulated 2020 CERs in CP2
This graph shows the total number of CERs expected to be created 2nd crediting period until end of 2020 for the major project categories, according to the PDDs in all the CDM projects that are alive.


CDM project with CERs issued
The issuance success is the CERs issued divided by the CERs expected for the same period of time. The calculation for some types of projects are still based on too few projects.


Top countries by issued CERs
Most of the CERs (57.6%) have been issue to projects in China. The line on the graph above shows that when 8 countries are included 96% all of issued CERs are covered.


Buyer countries
Note that for some projects there are more than one buyer country.


Authorized buyers
In the CDM Pipeline the buyers authorized by Annex-I countries are shown for each country. The sheet  "Buyers" in the CDM Pipeline shows how many projects each of these private or public buyers are involved in. The above table shows the 20 most active buyers. We have now included a column showing how many of the projects the buyers have withdrawn from.

The CDMPipeline also contains a similar sheet for PDD developers.


Accumulated issuance of CERs over time
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The graph above shows the development of the accumulated issued CERs. The monthly data point are taken from the old CDM Pipelines.